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Run Javascript via API

You can find the currently supported packages for our js endpoint:

'lodash', 'crypto-js', 'dayjs', 'dayjs/plugin/duration', 'date-fns', 'date-fns/parseISO', 'date-fns/format', 'date-fns-tz', 'xlsx', 'csv', 'axios', 'cheerio', 'handlebars', 'joi', 'mustache', 'uuid', 'ulid', 'underscore', 'zod', 'yup', 'dom-parse', 'util', 'airtable', 'moment', 'jsrsasign', 'csv-parse', 'libphonenumber', 'node-fetch'

There are two methods to return your result.

result = { "data": YOURVARIABLE }

Or just:

return { "data": YOURVARIABLE }

Both methods will return the result in the JSON { "data": YOURVARIABLE }

Here you can find some code examples:

Run Python via API

result = { "data": YOURVARIABLE }

We will return the result in the JSON { "data": YOURVARIABLE }

So please insert this at the end of your code!

Here you can find some examples:

Python libraries

We have installed a set of python libaries:

requests airtable-python-wrapper numpy boto3 pandas pendulum whisper requests scipy ntlm-auth requests_ntlm lxml Pillow pulp wordcloud snscrape nltk openpyxl google-api-python-client fuzzywuzzy python-Levenshtein CloudFlare praw sylk-parser python_http_client openai jwcrypto blowfish instaloader holidays pyairtable simplejson pybit woocommerce pygsheets pytesseract selenium imageio django pysftp gspread ccxt pydnevnikruapi psycopg2 sylk_parser QuantStats Markdown docx beautifulsoup4 youtube_transcript_api airtable gpt-index PyPDF2 telebot googlemaps spacy nlpcloud openai cosine-similarity embeddings pytube beautifulsoup4 pyperclip clipboard gevent pydub venmo-api isodate exif jwt pinecone-client Levenshtein gspread_dataframe google-auth elementpath tabula empyrial Telethon pdfrw opencv-contrib-python-headless cohere stripe pyshorteners feedparser langchain langchain_experimental chromadb hnswlib PyPDF2 tqdm tenacity pycryptodome PyMuPDF openpyxl pysftp regex pdfkit requests-ntlm pymysql stripe pyjwt

Need another Libary?

IP Addresses of 0-CodedKit Python

Also, in case of needing them these are our IP addresses you can use in you code:

You need more? Join our slack! Write in our Support channel and we will add them for you!

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