🔑API Keys & Account

Keep this key confidential. You can see after signup the key under your account tab:

Can I use the Key for my Customers?

Yes you can resell and automate as an agency for your clients. We don't mind if you sublisence. Keep in mind once you lose the API key and have to regenerate it, all your clients need to reset their automations or apps.

Where can I manage my Subscription?

You can easily use our stripe portal to manage your subscription. Login into 0-CodeKit (formerly 1saas.co) and klick here:

Here you can manage your subscription.

Where can I retrieve a Discount Code?

Click on "Add Promotion Code" under the Subtotal in our Stripe Portal.

What is the Stripe Portal?

The Stripe Portal is your way to manage the subscription with 0-CodeKit (formerly 1saas.co)

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