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Can I use 0-CodeKit (formerly 1saas.co) for free?

Yes there is a freemium version, were you can use 25 calls per month.

By signing up here: https://my.1saas.co/ you automatically get 25 credits for free!

What happens when I run out of executions?

At the beginning of the new billing cycle we will reactivate your subscription and you can use 0-CodeKit (formerly 1saas.co) again.

You can upgrade 0-CodeKit (formerly 1saas.co) in your client portal to a higher plan. The remaining executions will be added to your account as long as your remaining subscription period lasts.

Can I get a discount for 0-CodeKit (formerly 1saas.co)?

YES ❤️ join our Slack and work with us to bring you new endpoints. We constantly ship new features. Every idea matters! We honor this with a 20% for our first 1000-Slackers.

You will find the discount code in the #General description - have fun!

Can I purchase credits just till the next subscription period starts?

Yes, Take control of your 0codekit account with our new feature allowing self-service credit top-ups! Skip waiting and manual renewals - add credits instantly anytime you need.

How? Simply click "add more credits" in the credit section on your account page.

With more credits, you'll have the capacity for more projects, simulations, and productivity. Explore, maximize usage, streamline workflows and empower yourself with 0codekit.

Questions or feedback? We're here to assist you. Check out the new feature at https://my.1saas.co/pricing?mode=payment.

Your feedback drives our improvements - so, let us know what you think. Thanks for trusting us and happy coding!

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